„ One of the imperatives throughout the history of art has been the translation of nature into the language of art.“
(Alem Korkut)

„… Since the creation, human need to comprehend space in which he/she is located has been evolving. Thereby, space had become a reflection of one's consciousness about their very own existence. As one looked upon the world around him/her, a need has emerged to translate nature into language of art. Following this, originated the idea for „Triple“, Denis Vitaljić's first solo exhibition. … In his artwork, Denis approaches modelation conditionally, since it is not the defined form that he ultimately strives to. What interests him is rather the fragility of the form, the concept that merely represents form.

Ines Eterović

„… It is possible to conclude that space, although objectivised physical property, represents something that contextualises the relationship of the artist towards the world and also that of the audience towards art in that same world. As an artist, Vitaljić, neither is nor wants to be a a loner. He provokes communication and searches for interaction which he tries to establish especially with the audience…“

Gorana Bulović