Exhibition setup: Sanja Burazin

„… Although immensely diverse, Sanja's art never leaves an impression of misellaneousness or superficial invention. In that sense, this exhibition is no exception…“

„…In the production of paintings, she does not use standard paint, but the interpretation of her own 'genetic material'. She paints with her own saliva, blood, and hair, transforming them to simultaneously represent both form and content, motif and material…“

„… In any case, her work makes a person think, which is a very rare privilege nowadays. It is both a carefully thought-through system and a fascinating poetical world with its own logical order and the dynamics of life and growth, its own recognizability and stylistic consistency, its autorship motivation, and finally, its artistically creative distinctiveness.“

Marija Stipišić Vuković

Sanja Burazin was born in Split in 1975. In the year 2004 she enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Split, the Department of Painting. She graduated in 2009 in the class of professor Gorki Žuvela. Alongside painting, she also engaged in conceptual art, space installations, sculpture, creative writing, etc.

In the year 2010 she became a member of HULU Split (Croatian Association of Artists) and in 2011 a member of the Art Council's Commitee. She lives and works in Split and on the island of Šolta.