Setting: Mihel Giba

Mihael Giba explores the possibilities and combinations of an eletronic image and painting, and the field of interactive image - that is how the young artist presents himself on his website. More precisely, he uses technology as a tool that he injects into the visual medium, testing its political potential and inserting processuality as a method into its formal static nature.

Thus, in his work called How are you today? Giba has transferred onto the screen, into a visual balance of red and green, data that he has collected from Google Search. For that purpose, the artist has designed a software that searches and statistically processes information from seven Croatian online newspapers, gathered on the basis of ten positive and negative keywords. He has thus painted a possible portrait of the contemporary society, complemented with a technological dimension.

Using a similar strategy in his Composition II, Giba has created a transformable generic, virtual landscape, with its constitutive elements presented as icons - flowers and trees, green meadows, and clouds. Their number and density changes as triggered by the incomng data and the quantity of new information from the field of culture (flower), crime pages (cloud), or economy (meadown) that we are bombarded with. (...)

Ivana Meštrov

Mihael Giba was born in 1985 in Čakovec, lived in Varaždin. After graduating from the School for Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, he enrolled at the Art Academy Split. In 2008 he got his MAin painting at Art Academy Split, class of Professor Nina Ivančić.

He is member of the Croatian Fine Artists Association in Split.

Since 2009 he works as an assistant teacher at the Painting Department of The Art Academy of University in Split, at electronic image associated courses.