"...Happenig The Citizens refers to, as the title reveals, the city dwellers. Both the active and the pasive ones. The author explaines: ... from all those social structures, I have choosen people who are the closest to me and who had, in my opinion, shown the strongest persistence in their struggle for themselves and the others. In other words, among the widearray of city people, I focuse on students in my effort to point out what city dwellers should really be like. The interior of the Gallery will be depicted in the colours of the national flag, making the visitors its consistuent part after crossing the point o entrance.One thing I'm eqally intrested in is what is happening on the other side of the flag , as we can see how the Goverment and the leading politicians of the country constantly gloat over the situation of their people and citizens. Since they consume them at all times and without shame in every aspect of life, in my happening I use a dietary product consumed on a daily basis (If possible). Some people are even addicted to it. It's chocolate. That's the reason for chocolate, and also, at the same time I wanted to sweeten up my own and other people's life after my previous series. The facial moulds in chocolate were taken from the members of Split's Independent Student list', although all of us are just by our presence found at the target of greedy insatiability. Workers, secondary school pupils, students, teachers, farmers, activists. All the people fighting fairly for a better life. The pasive ones among us are eventually eaten up by their own inactivity...

As I have already written, every time I think about the works of Marko Marković, I get a strong feeling of being at the crossroads of the eponymous cult film. One thing which is the most obvious in the process (exept that the horizont is wide open and that there is almoust nothing left exept the tree top under which I stand) is that I can always move in whatever direction. The freedom of choice is always shown in large frame and with complete clarity. In any case, see you at the flag. Be careful. We may be tasteful, but that's not good enough a reason to consent to being eaten. It ghostly appears to me that we understand eachother."

Toni Horvatić

Marko Marković was born in 1983 in Osijek. He graduated painting at Arts Academy in Split in 2007, the class of prof. Gorki Žuvela. Besides painting he works in various media such as video, installation, performance, happening, and organizes actions and interventions in public space. He is a the initiator and the member of flexible formation Adistia, groupe active in various artistic fields. He took part in numerous exhibitions, workshops, festival abroad (USA, Russia, Mexico, Finland, Algeria, Kosovo, Bih). He is the main organizer of the performance fenstival entitled Dani Otvorenog Performansa u Splitu / DOPUST. He is a member of Croatian Artist's Association Split. He is one of the frontmen of the performative punk/ electro/ noise band "Ilija i zrno žita". Lives and works in Split.