Exhibition display: Zoran Alajbeg, Iris Slade

The exhibition Photographic Impressum reflects as its typical feature an exceptional readiness for cooperation between the photographer and his models, which include Jasminka Babić, Zlatan Dumanić, Alemka Đivoje, among others. They are mostly depicted with their own artworks and/or in their working space as their additional attributes and qualities of identification. In fact, these are are all atmospheric and mostly individual photo-portraits within a more or less reduced setting. With Alajbeg as a director, here one jumps and bounces, observes or shows one's own work, walks on the snow, gesticulates with one's hands, poses casually or seriously… One's peculiarity and individuality is thus communicated by means of dynamic or static postures, in accordance with the specific temperaments and affinities of portraited persons…“

Iris Slade, from the exhibition prologue

Zoran Alajbeg was born in 1961 and has been involved with photography since 1978. In 1992, he began focusing his work on Croatian cultural heritage. Author of a number of photographs in various monographs, catalogues and magazines, he has been especially known for his photographs made for art exhibition catalogues. He works at the Museum of Croatian Archaelogical Monuments in Split.

Member of the Croatian Association of Artists of applied Art, Croatian Ssociation of Artists Split, and Photo-club Split.