Exhibition display: Sandi Bulimbašić, Božo Majstorović, Ante Verzotti

„… His forming period is connected to the second half of the 1960s. The thing that was happening in the photography that could have affected him was the new concept of photographic documentary approach based on the subjective experience of the reality and overcoming of the differences between documentary and art photography that had been traditionaly separated until that time. Indeed, Verzotti's photography is best described as a creative and aesthetic documentary photography that has always flirted with the fine art and film aesthetics close to the author's professional calling. Close relation between film and photographic aesthetics of his work was initially recognised by Svemir Pavić on the occasion of Verzotti's first solo exhibition in Art salon in 1978 in Split [Svemir Pavić, An eye that thinks… (Or about Ante Verzotti's photography), Art Salon – Split, June 1978]…

… Undoubtedly Verzotti belongs to the generation thatheld the cultivated perception to be the unquestionable prerequisite for looking thorugh a lens (Marina Viculin, Marija Braut, retrospective, catalogue, Klovićevi dvori Gallery, November – December 2001, p 9). There are no coincidences at the moment of shooting. Before that moment, the picture is already thought through in the mind and the eye of the photographer. A picture that thinks. A look contains it all a lot earlier. Before taking the picture there exists completely formed author's conciousness about the scale of meanings that he wants the picture to convey. Looking through the lens is already the end of the story.“

Sandi Bulimbašić, from the exhbition catalogue

Ante Verzotti was born in Split in 1942. He studied at the FAMU Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where in 1973 he graduated film and television camera. Theoretical part of his graduation thesis has become a standard manual at FAMU in Prague. He has been working with photography since 1958. He has been an active member of Photo-club Split since 1957 and Cinema-klub Split since 1959, a member of the Film workers' association since 1975 and a member of ULUPUH since 1980.

He has filmed, edited and directed 13 experimental, feature and documentary short films. Winner of multiple awards.