Setting: Vinko Barić

Vinko Barić is a genuine talent who started to reveal his need for expression in visual arts very early. Active, always inspired and occupied with his work, he is simultaneously creative in several parallel artistic fields, leaving a strong personal author's signature in each of them, as well as his easily recognizable mode of visual expression firmly based on the genre of painterly interpretation of contemporary society through the characters from animal world.

Not giving up his basic thematic pattern, in his latest exhibition the author remains loyal to depicting unusual hares and proves what has by now become serious continuity of his artistic expression. However, this does not make his artistic work hermetically closed, immobile or defined once and for all. He is the painte of anachronistic subject matter, but contemporary. Every frame of his new series entitled The Hare's Baroque bursts with imaginative reinterpretation of the viewed model, thus producing new visual entities which are perceptively very clear and sharpened. The canvas becomes the field of untrammeled freedom, artistic action which stabs through the core of absurdity of contemporary civilisation and false values and results in composition full of strenght, critique and irony. (...)

Marija Stipišić Vuković

Vinko Barić was born in Split in 1980. He graduated in 2005 from the Academy of Visual Arts in Split in the class of professor Nina Ivančić. Since the same year he has been a member of HULU (The Croatian Visual Artist's Association) in Split. His paintings and comic strips have been exibited in several collective and individual exhibitions. Besides paintings, his work also include comic strips, illustrations and graphic design. In the period from 1997 to 2008 he published his three comic albums. He is a member of the comic strip group 'Komikaze' from Zagreb.