Setting: Edvin Dragičević, Marija Stipišić Vuković

In contemporary graphic arts, oriented towards experiment, there are fewer and fewer authors who use pure, traditional graphic techniques as their means of expression.

However, there are still those who have unusual appreciation for the traditional aspects of graphic arts, who respect and do not ignore the well-known character of the medium, even when they express themselves in a very contemporary manner. One of those authors, who would probably never renounce his love for traditional graphic arts is undoubtedly Edvin Dragičević.

As soon as we take a glance at his works, there are two things that we easily notice: the author's destinctly realistic attitude towards the form and contents, as well as high tehnical quality of his graphics. Visually very similar sheets are produced in the technique of cooperplate printing. Those centrally and vertically positioned formats show magnified pictures of insects while reducing the scene to very essence of happening. The insects are depicted as immovable creatures in a certain pose, with closed volume and enlarged to the point of saturating the frame in its regular symmetrical central axis. (...)

Marija Stipišić Vuković

Edvin Dragičević was born in Split in 1986. He graduated in 1997 at The Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education - field of study: Visual Arts, mentor: Petar Jakelić. He has been working at the Arts Academy, University of Split since 1998, where he was appointed Head of the Department of Visual Arts in 2005. His main preoccupation is illustration and graphic design of books, and he has designed and illustrated more than 30 titles.