Featured Instructions:
HASSAN SHARIF : Black lines (2012)

One-meter-long horizontal, straight, and wave-like lines to be drawn on the wall from the ceiling down –and so on >>. This work can be executed by emulsion paint or ink or marker. See illustration drawing.


AI WEIWEI : CCTV Spray (2012)

How to make a spray device to block a surveillance camera:

Do you feel uncomfortable, confused, disgusted, or even irate because of a surveillance camera fixed at the wrong place? To block its view, spray-painting would be the best choice. It is highly accessible, inexpensive, and effective. Moreover, it is a perfect gesture in presenting street culture. It is difficult to spray on a surveillance camera at a high place directly by hand. Instead of carrying a ladder on the streets, it is more practical to make an adjustable, easy-to-carry, and low-cost spray device. It is best to use materials easily found from daily life to create this tool.
Materials Needed:

Choose materials that are as practical and reliable as possible. They should also be cheap and easy to obtain: Spray; Wine Bottle Opener; Bottle Cage; Brake Bar; Screw; Nylon Rope
Production Procedure:

First find a long stick of suitable height. Considering portability, a collapsible tree pruner is recommended. Then select a stable frame that can secure a bottle or a can. For example, a bottle cage for bicycles would be a good fit. After that, find a trigger and fix it at the top of the stick. A wine bottle opener is a good choice, because its flexible lever structure can reduce the force and distance needed to press the spray nozzle. We also need a linkage device to control the wine bottle opener at the top. A bicycle brake bar is an excellent choice. Finally, prepare screws and nylon ropes as needed.

First fix the wine bottle opener at the top of the tree pruner (a.01). Then set the spray can into the bottle cage. Make sure the handle of the bottle opener is affixed to the right position, where it gives easiest nozzle control. Use screws to secure the bottle cage (a.02). Fix the brake bar at the other end of the tree pruner (a.03). Secure the spray paint can and use a nylon rope to fasten the flexible shaft (a.04). Adjust the height of the stick. Then connect the handle of the bottle opener to the shaft of the brake (a.05–a.06).

The homemade adjustable spray device is now complete.


ERIK VAN LIESHOUT : Instruction (2002)

Just do it: Cut your Nikes and change them into Nike Air.


Special thanks to Bartul Biljak, Nikola Marinis, Marko Barbaroša and Mikula Mateljan for sneakers donation.