ALLAN KAPROW // Chores (1995)

Sweeping the dust from the floor of a room
Spreading the dust in another room, so it won’t be noticed
Continuing daily…
PAUL-ARMAND GETTE : The Square Meter Boundary Marker (1993)
There are two ways to make the square- meter boundary marker:
1. Outside, stake out a 1 meter sided square using 4 stakes roughly 20 cm high and some white string. If the ground is too hard to drive in the stakes, merely lay in the string on the surface so that it delineates the square.
TRACEY EMIN : What Would Tracey Do? (2007)
Take a table. On the table place 27 bottles - all of different sizes and colours. Take a reel of a red cotton and wrap it around the bottles, like a strange web that joins them all together. You can, if you wish, take the reel of cotton underneath the table.