The Retrospective of architect Dinko Kovačić presents entire span of his 50 years long and intense career, starting from the year 1965. In addition to photographic documentation, exhibition presents his original handmade architectural projects, drawings, and, as well as TV documentaries. During his career Kovačić has created some of Croatia's most outstanding projects: Hotel Ruskamen (Omiš, 1966), the residential skyscrapers on Gripe (Split, 1966), Dalma shopping mall (Split, 1974), Elementary school (Žrnovnica, 1985-90), residential-business building Dvornikovi House (Split, 1991), High school center (Split, 1992), Dormitory Spinut (Split, 2000), Commercial and distribution center TDR (Split, 2001), the Faculty of Economy (Split, 2001) and a number of family houses, such as anthological villa Stupalo (Meje, Split 2000). Special position in Kovačić's oeuvre belongs to the large urban districts which have significantly influenced the development of Split, such as the projects of the entire residential quarters in Split 3 for which the basic urban conditions were defined by the Slovenian team headed by Vladimir Mušić. Kovačić's project for the Brothers Borozan street (co-author M. Zorić, 1970-73), was in 1974 awarded with three awards (8th Zagreb Salon of Architecture, The Award by the Magazine Borba, and Vladimir Nazor Annual Award). Kovačić is also winner of the City of Split Award for design of Dinko Šimunović's street (Split, 1976). Kovačić has concluded his contribution to the theme of the large residential complexes with design of the Mertojak street (Split, 1980).


Retrospective was made possible thanks to the grants by City of Split, Ministry of Culture RH, Splitskodalmatinska Region and Hotel Bretanide, Bol.

On view till 11 June 2017.