Organization and production: Platforma za unapređenje kulture - PUNKT
Coproduction: Museum of Fine Arts Split
Partners: Museum of Fine Arts Split, MKC Split, Cine Club Split, Arts Academy Split
Curators and heads of project: Ivana Meštrov and Tanja Vujasinović
Assistant: Lana Beović

Exhibition: Pupils of the Elementary School Dobri, V. Secondary School Vladimir Nazor and School for Design, Graphic and Sustainable Development, students of the Depertment of Film and Video of the Arts Academy Split, artists/mentors Gildo Bavčević, Ana Kuzmanić, Toni Meštrović, Neli Ružić, Vlasta Žanić i Loren Živković

City on the Second Glance is a travelling researching educational-exhibition project connecting youth education and the city through the medium of video, as well as developing an audience. It strategically connects all the participants of the project and strengthens the community interests in participating in contemporary art and culture programs in local context.

The project features renowned contemporary artists who produce new artworks inspired by the city while holding workshops for the local elementary and high school students. By explaining the creative process characteristic of their mentors, the participants familiarize themselves with contemporary art, its methods and significance in today’s society.

The project was held for the first time in 2013 in Velika Gorica, followed by Rijeka, Koprivnica and Sisak. This year it is held in Split in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts and MKC-Multimedia Culture Centre. It will feature six new productions and three workshops under the mentorship of artists Ana Kuzmanić, Neli Ružić and Vlasta Žanić. The workshops will be carried out in the Museum of Fine Arts, Kino Club Split and public spaces in the city. Other participants in the project are: artists Gildo Bavčević, Toni Meštrović, Boris Šitum, Loren Živković, sociologist Diana Magdić, publicist and activist Saša Šimpraga and designer Nikola Križanac.

The project will end with two exhibitions. The final results of the Video installation class by third-year students of the Department of Film and Video will be exhibited in the Multimedia Culture Centre, and the final result of the entire project is a group exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts featuring works by the artists, high school and elementary school students.

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