The Artist's Journey, the first large-size Dario Šolman's solo exhibition in Split and Croatia, is focused on the issues arising from the relationship between man, art and nature. On the level of presentation, central theme is varied through the different two-dimensional image transfer media. The central narrative thread follows a group of curious traveler-wanderers in their search for the museum and artist. The story addresses the issues of contemporary art, artist, curatorship and museum, and their relationship with the audience and culture surrounding them. The motive of nature is present in the various segments of the project as a counterweight to these high-abstract themes, while humorous moments are intended to mitigate their intensity.

The exhibition is conceived as a theme-rounded multimedia installation. The central part of the project consists of video animations, displayed in different sizes and formats, some projected, and others on the monitors. The following exhibition media are series of storyboards, which are presented as raster of digital prints. This narrative component serves as the basis for further project's segments. The third element of this multimedia collage are large geometric drawings depicting the audience, an executed in human scale using black paper tape directly on the walls of the gallery.

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On view till 11 February 2018.