A possible landscape (Split version), 2018 offers, as in a diagram, a different approach on the landscape around us. The words and the different descriptions distributed throughout the Museum’s atrium put the emphasis on the invisible and changing aspects of reality. They can refer to the air components, polluting materials, meteorological and atmospheric conditions, colors, birds and many other elements, sometimes even negatives, that we cannot see. But, that does not mean that they are not around and that they don’t influence us. The visual arts consider the sense of sight as the most important. This work tries to acknowledge importance of the other senses enabling us to perceive reality in its total complexity.

After a successful collaboration in the organization of the exhibitions of Juliao Sarmenta and Mimmo Paladino, Kula Gallery, in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Art and the Institute of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Science (HAZU), in an agenda towards internationalization of the municipal visual arts program, presents overview of the work by Ignasi Aballí, one of the most prominent contemporary Spanish artists.

The exhibition Exhibition continues focuses on Aballí's work of the past fifteen years and present the journey through his aesthetic preferences in contemplating the conventional systems of realization of the work of art int he medium of installation, sculpture, painting and collague, as well as, eclectic usage of the unconventional materials such as dust, rust, metal, paper clips or parts of banknote.

During the past decades, Ignasi Aballí exhibited all over the world. He represented Spain at the 52nd Venice Biennial (2007), Sydney Biennial (1998), and held solo exhibitions in museums such as Pinacoteca to Estado, São Paulo (2010) , Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona (2008, 2015), Museu Serralves in Porto (2006), Icon Gallery in Birmingham (2006), ZKM in Karlsruhe (2006), Museum of Contemporary Art de Barcelona MACBA (2005.), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia MNCARS, Madrid (2002, 2015) etc.

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