Heavenly Image Corporation are art couple Danica Franić and Davor Krelja. Over the last few years, they have started a cycle of paintings they paint together, though not at the same time. They paint alternately, and the final composition is the result of an arbitrary creative method and the resultant of input of always different creative equation. In this respect, artists continue creative strategy that during the seventies in rock music achieved creative excellence in collaborations of Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, or Brian Eno and David Bowie. Heavenly Image Corporation is paraphrase of Brian Eno’s and Robert Fripp’s song title Heavenly Music Corporation from 1973 No pussyfooting LP.

In a formal aesthetic sense, Heavenly Image Corporation exhibition is a compact cycle. All paintings are made with oil on canvas 150 x 100 cm large. Unlike the trend of figurative painting that during last decade prevailed in the Croatian painting, Franić and Krelja operate within the aesthetic formula of organic abstraction which revived strongly on the international scene. Biomorphic forms that alternate as a regular central motif of composition, largely fulfill the canvas format emanating the unspecified symbolic and somewhat mysterious charge. The entire composition is distinctly spiritual-meditative, brush strokes are even and invisible, layers translucent, and the colors are flow of soothing pastel and harmonious tones. The exhibition will feature a selection of 33 canvases that were made after 2015.

Franić and Krelja are middle-generation artists, who had never exhibited in Split. Exhibited paintings do not have parallels within the Split or Croatian art scene, and thus represent a brave artistic stand against the prevailing trends.