Although one might expect a more standard overview for this exhibition, something like a recapitulation of what the artist has done (written and painted), or a chronologically ordered record that would enable the reader to “take control” of the painter’s opus, what is in front of you is everything else than that. Because my approach to her opus has been meandering and changing over the years. I have approached the reading of this peculiar text, a labyrinth made of knowledge and torment that relies on an active and interested viewer, depending on the various circumstances, among which private life should certainly be taken into account.

A viewer who still knows how to “play” with words and their meanings, and who is willing to, ready to embark on an uncertain journey through densely written lines that will not take us anywhere. Because we stand alone in front of the painting, focusing on a field delimited by a border, a tense flat surface on which we do not recognize the painted shapes, but the visual signs of the world represented on a completely different basis.

From the essay by Sandra Križić Roban

Anabel Zanze was born in 1971 in Dubrovnik, where she attended elementary and high school. In 1991 she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (graphic department) and in 1996 graduated from the class of prof. Ante Kuduza,. Between 1998 and 2004 she lectured visual arts culture at the Marin Držić elementary school in Dubrovnik. Since 2004 she lives and works in Zagreb. She is a member of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists (HDLU) and the Croatian Association of the Independent Artists (HZSU).

Anabel Zanze has exhibited in prominent Croatian museums and galleries of modern and contemporary art. Her works are in the collections of Croatia's museums, as well as in private collections in Croatia and abroad. Her work is included in Sandra Križić Roban's book Croatian Painting from 1945 until today. Responsibility of the image in era of impetuous look.