Tony Cragg is one of the world’s foremost sculptors. There is no limit to the materials he might use, as there are no limits to the ideas or forms he might conceive. Exhibitions in Split present Cragg’s drawings and sculptures executed in variety of sizes, forms and materials.
The exhibition in Milesi Palace includes a series of drawings, which allow us to understand how Cragg created his works. Sometimes these drawings functioned as blueprints for the sculptures. But above all, the drawings reveal how the sculptures arose just as much out of their material, and from the process which that demands, as they arose from conscious planning and thought.
Kula Gallery and Museum Of Fine Art's will present a tiered sculptures made in one solid piece and yet retain a 'stacked' illusion through their horizontal extensions. The sculptures are typical of Tony Cragg's creative moves in the zone between nature and technology, between the mystical and the mundane, between the sublime and the ridiculous.

Tony Cragg was born in Liverpool in 1949. He achieved a BA from Wimbledon College of Art (1970–73) and an MA from the Royal College of Art, London (1973–77). He has lived and worked in Wuppertal, Germany, since 1977. In 2009, he was appointed Director of Kunstakademie Dusseldorf and now currently lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany. Tony Cragg won the Turner Prize in 1988 and represented Britain at the 42nd Venice Biennale in the same year.

On view till 17 November, 2019