The exhibition presents works from the artist’s last creative period, which confirmed his historical role in 20th-century Croatian painting thanks to his own abstract idiom based on unique conceptual, ethical, aesthetical and painting principles. Conceived by architect Nenad Fabijanic, author of Šebalj’s monograph Zdenko Rus and Biserka Rauter Plancic, director of the National museum of Modern Art in Zagreb, exhibition presents oil paintings, studies and picture-drawings created in the 1990s, as well as the hitherto unknown diptych "Memento on Barbarism in the Church in Knin ", work by which the artist responded to the terrible war casualties of people and places by the devastating action of barbarians in the Knin area. In addition to Šebalj's works exhibition presents a charred wooden statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, created at the turn of the 18th to 19th centuries, destroyed during the arson of the monestary church of st Anton in Knin in 1993.

Exhibition was premiered at the National Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb in April 2019.