The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia is a fundamental document and a law that prescribes ways of functioning of the state, and strongly influences the lives of each of us. In recent years, the Constitution has become the scene of ideological controversy, and attacks on the Constitution have become a reflection of negative changes in Croatian society. Such a Constitution, with insufficiently established fundamental postulates of democracy and the preservation of human and social rights, in practice does not work and is not a solid foundation of the state. It should therefore be repaired.

In this work, I am improving parts of the Croatian Constitution so to preserve human rights and freedoms, to be more democratic, aligned with all civilization achievements, and also correcting many injustices and deviations that couses current existential, moral, political and socioeconomic crisis. By such a revised Constitution, we would be living in a prosperous social and secular state based on anti-fascism, in which education would be free, there would be less members of the parliament and they would be also less paid. Economic crime would not be outdated, as well as human rights violations, and the state would have to take care of the prosperity of its citizens, the preservation of nature, art, science and culture.

I study the text of the Constitution, and in red I add words or the provisions that strongly support human rights, a social state, anti-fascism, anticorruption, ethics, etc., but I also cross-out all the redundant parts. The text of the Constitution is reproduced so that it is visually identical to the first copy of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, the so-called Christmas Constitution kept in the Constitutional Court, but with added words and sentences, sparked parts and footnotes.

Tanja Dabo

Tanja Dabo (Rijeka, 1970) is a multimedia artist, author of art installations, performances, photographic works, video works, urban interventions, art books, etc. In her work, she deals with the topics of the position of the individuals within society, the relations between artists and institutions, individual towards collective, imposed expectations, etc. From 1993 she has exhibited at numerous independent and group exhibitions, curatorial projects and festivals in Croatia and internationally. She presented her work at several public presentations and seminars in Croatia and abroad (Zagreb; Headlands USA; Prague, Tate Modern, London; Macao, Portugal etc.). She has independently realized or participated in a dozen graphic maps. Her works are included in several collections and museums in Croatia and abroad. She has published several texts and papers in various publications (Zarez, Grafika, Radionica, Performance Research etc.), and reviews of her work has been published in numerous reviews and publications. She was selector of the several film festivals in Croatia and abroad, and the author of several exhibitions. She is the winner of 8 awards and recognitions for her work in Croatia and abroad. Dabo works at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.