Inventions and Discoveries: Nikola Tesla – The Universal Mind

Following the theme of the jubilee edition of The Long Night of Museums, Inventions and Discoveries: Nikola Tesla – The Universal Mind, Museum of Fine Arts in Split presents three exhibitions.

Exhibition of Boris Bućan's iconic cycle Bućan Art from 1973 and site specific textual installation Word as a Picture by the Czech neo avant-garde artist and theoretician Jiři Valoch, respond to the theme while tackling the notions of genius innovators, individuals who, like Nikola Tesla, actively change the spheres of their activities.

The exhibition Out of Time and Space, presents media art interventions within the Museum of Fine Arts' collection comprising art works from the pre-media period – from 14th to the mid-20th century. These interventions not only open dialogue between the traditional and media art, but also distinctly show how Tesla's alternating current inventions have enriched and changed the artistic creation for good.