The new concept of presenting a selection of Museum of Fine Arts Collection which comprises the artistic practices from 1960s until present-day is based upon the dynamic quality of contemporary art production, its versatile, open and fluctuating nature. The display of this exceptionally interesting segment of the collection has been envisioned as a dynamic dialogue of different exhibitions that will alternate over a period of time. The first display entitled About Art traces numerous artistic practices that research and demonstrate the nature of art, processes of its conception and its existence within the field of art itself. The development of an art narrative is shown through seven thematic groups – from works developed from modernist tradition to experimental approaches that have transformed the traditional notion of media. Works by many important protagonists of Croatian contemporary art are exhibited – from Julije Knifer, Ivan Picelj, Dušan Džamonja, through Gorki Žuvela, Boris Demur, Nina Ivančić, Dubravka Rakoci, Dalibor Martinis to Viktor Popović, Igor Eškinja, Ivana Franke etc.