Exhibition curator: Jasna Galjer

Authors of the exhibition display: Jasna Galjer and Jasenko Rasol

„… Seemingly bluntly documentary the Jasenko Rasol's photographs depict events in a form of diary entries drawing our attention by the spontaneous directness of their view to the outside world. However, their reportage character represents a mere zero level of the coded visual language based on the nchanting associative game. Confronted with the clash of the opposites between Japan and Vietnam we can hardly remain disinterested witnessing the misture of its simultaneously fascinating and scaring front and reverse. The connections existing between the disconnected items, between glamour and poverty, exotic and ordinary, factual and fictional, between a futuristic megalopolis and the tradition that's been dying away, create almost surreal effect equal to daydreaming which elusive force can be measured by the generally deciphered symbols of the metaphoric signs…

… By the process of cultural transformation into the exhibitional and later to the museological item the issue of the 'artistic' status of photography came into consideration once again. However, the meaning of photography can be placed outside the frame of 'the beautiful prictures' in the significantly different and newer rolewhich transforms the documentary notes into the authentic form of the social practice whose 'universal language' gains the full meaning only in the context of dialogue.“

Jasna Galjer

Jasenko Rasol was born in Zagreb in 1969. He enrolled at the Drama Academy, the Depertment of Film and TV Camera Operating in 1988. He attented on-year course at the Glasgow University, the Photography Department in 1991. He graduated from the Drama Academy in 1998. He currently works as a free-lance camera operator and a photographer.