Exhibition curator: Jasminka Babić

Authors of the exhibition display: Jasminka Babić and Valentino Bilić-Prcić

„… Based on his previous experiences a new series of photographs was created for the exhibition 15 minutes of fame. As protagonists he again chose his friends, acquaintances, known faces (some of them recognisable from the exhibition ten years ago), but this time a person's recognisability is given secondary importance. Valentino set the situation – he played the music through Discman and out of model's reaction an extremely live photography, full of movement and strong movie quality was created. They were all taken in the street, but place identification is not stressed, but given through the reflection of a wet stone or clothes hanging in the background. Photographs were taken using digital technology, without accentuating the foreground, but in the development process the author makes a certain simulation of a ckassic black and white photograph. That way, he connects the tradition to the contemporariness of the media, setting us in front of digital photography with the classical packaging.

Jasminka Babić

Valentino Bilić Prcić, born 9 September, 1967 in Imotski. Studied photography at the Centre for Culture and Arts in Split. In 1986 he graduated high school with the Fashion Photography. Since 1985 member of Split Photo Club, and since 1987 member of Split Cinema Club. The author and cameraman of few alternative movies. Lives and works in Split.