Exhibition curator: Božo Majstorović

Authors of the exhibition display: Božo Majstorović and Kristina Restović

„… A series of engravings entitled For September by which Kristina Restović presents herself at the Gallery of Fine Arts is a move toward the old and the new alike. Toward the old, for the author has specialzed in engraving, and toward the new in compraison to her previous works…

Kristina Restović retains her artisctic integrity in the realm of the black-and-white graphic world. She respects and exploits the medium potential retaining the distinctine iconography as well as the peculiar principle of building the narrative and composition. She knows that literal means to wonder as well, and that taking a little detour on the way to the expected means a schort cut to the interesting. The handwriting expressiveness, by means of which falling into the trap of aestheticizing and a decorative quality has been consistently avoided, is not a result of existential restlessness or a critical attitude. This also goes for the adopted and symbolic formative patterns of a cartoon strip or a street jargon. In order to point out the fact that there is a whole new world in between the black and the white ones, the author resorts to an ironical discourse which encompasses all formative elements from private to mass iconosphere, from the imprints of reality to a text fragment…“

Božo Majstorović

Kristina Restović was born in Split in 1973. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 1997. She was awarded a scholarship by the international school for specialization in graphic arts Il Bisonte in Florence 1996-1997. She holds the position of a research assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Split.