Founders and reformers

Besides exhibition Universe Trebotić and presentation of the Collection featuring artworks from the XIV century to the sixties curated by the Museum consultant Božo Majstorović, Museum of Fine Arts refers to the theme of this year's Night of Museums by displaying busts of its founders from its collection: Portrait of Ivo Tartaglia (Ivan Meštrović, up to 1931), Portrait of Kamilo Tončić (Dujam Penić, 1931) and Portrait of Kruno Prijatelj (Kažimir Hraste, 1986), along with informative texts about their roles in the institution's development.

Night of Museums programme:

  1. A new display of contemporary art from the Museum’s collection curated by senior curators Jasminka Babić and Marija Stipišić-Vuković. Entitled Art and Society, it focuses on various artistic strategies that reflect, comment and point to societal context from which they originated.The display includes some of the most important artworks in the history of Croatian art of the second half of the twentieth century, from Red Peristyle (1968), Dragutin Trumbetaš's print map Gasterbeiters (1973), photographs by Ivan Posavac and Boris Cvjetanović, to artworks by Mladen Stilinović and Vlado Martek, Zlatko Kopljar, Siniša Labrović, Igor Grubić and those produced by younger generation of authors such as Sonja Gašperov and Gildo Bavčević.

  2. Opening of Hans Ulrich Obrist's international exhibition project Do It!, in collaboration between the Museum of Fine Arts, Independent Curator International (New York), Arts Academy Split (organised by Viktor Popović) and School of Fine Arts Split (organised by Neli Ružić). Curated by Branko Franceschi and coordinated by Petra Mandac. Project will be launched by installations conceived by Yoko Ono and Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Altogether in the course of 2016, 25 renowned international artists' artworks will be produced by the students of the Arts Academy and School of Fine Arts.

  3. Presentation of multi-canal video installation The Collector of Love by Ivana Penjak Kasavica, edited on the basis of video material recorded during the 2015 Sudamija celebration. Sponsored by Technomarket. Curated by Branko Franceschi. Installation is open until 7 February 2016.

  4. Matko Trebotić's performance In Honour of Joseph Beuys marking artist's 30th death anniversary, starting at 10 pm.