Artists: Dmitry Beliakov, Lucia Ganieva, Pavel Golovkin, Sergey Karpov, Anastasia Kichigina, Leo Klenin, Slava Korolev, Aleksandr Kryazhev, Marina Kruglyakova, Alexey Malgavko, Ivan Mikhaylov, Aleksey Myakishev, Viya Muragina, Alex A. Naanou, Vladzimir Parfianok, Alexander Petrosyan, Ilya Pitalev, Pavel Smertin, Vladimir Sokolaev, Evgeni Zaluzhny

Almost everything known in Croatia about the art of photography in the ex-Soviet states belongs to one era in history when Russian Federation as we know it today didn't exist. Twenty photographers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine included in this exhibition create in completely new political, social, and cultural circumstances. They were chosen upon review of over 150 portfolios in Moscow at the end of the summer of 2011, followed by direct contact and conversation with 56 of them. Being that this is the first presentation of new Russian photography, the need for an attempt to depict the breadth and depth of the everyday life of such a vast and populous country was kept in mind during the selection process. Around two hundred photographs from twenty photographers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, can offer yet a part of the abundance of themes and motives through which this young generation of photographers sees and registers its own reality.