Organisation: Museum of Fine Arts, Split i Jelsa Municipal Museum, Jelsa
Project leaders: Božo Majstorović and Marija Plenković
Concept: Božo Majstorović
Curators: Lana Beović, Katica Modrić, Ivana Vukušić
Visual identity: Nikola Križanac

“Katamaran Art” (“Catamaran Art”) is a joint project of the Jelsa Municipal Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts Split.

It is an exhibition program, more precisely a cycle of three exhibitions from June to August 2018, taking place in Jelsa and Split. The name itself is referring to one of the busiest catamaran lines on the Adriatic, Split-Jelsa, which transports thousands of passengers throughout the year, especially in the summer months. The circulation of people and goods is primarily related to tourism and everyday life of the local population. On the other hand, “Katamaran Art“ strives to update the third, equally important dimension of travel. Of course, it’s about trading ideas, especially artistic ideas. The project recognizes the obligation of the regional center and its umbrella museum institution to support artistic life in a wider environment, and it takes into account the desire and the need of a smaller community to participate actively in this life. In this spirit, Split and Jelsa were already linked by a prominent Croatian artist Juraj Dobrović and his donations. Firstly, he donated over 94 art pieces to the Gallery of Fine Arts in 2006, and in 2010, he donated his family home with authentic furniture and equipment, and over 60 works of art to Jelsa. Consequently, Jelsa received a cherished exhibition space, as the ground floor of the house was transformed into the Kravata Gallery.

“Katamaran Art” does not intend to be a one-time summer hit, which means it has long-term abitions. Although it was primarily conceived as a framework for presenting artists and curators of the younger and middle generation, it remains open to different exhibition combinations as well as collaboration with other partners. For the premiere season, three authors of different poetics, interests and expression media have been chosen: Vedran Perkov (1972), Vitar Drinković (1983) and Igor Zdunić (1991). Curator jobs were deliberately entrusted to younger forces, Lana Beović and Ivana Vukušić, both members of the curatorial collective “Horizont”, as well as Katica Modrić. It is necessary to sail.

Božo Majstorović, Marija Plenković (Project Leaders)