Ivana Petan (1974, Zagreb) has for the last two decades built a specific artistic approach to working with clay and has gained a pronounced place within the ceramic art scene in Slovenia through her work in the field of art and applied ceramics. Starting from the directness of contact and work with material, the author’s notion of the creation of an artwork is embodied in her personal relation towards the experience of life and world in general. Reacting to the specific time and place with each of her works Petan intuitively arrives to the final form. During such process she is not guided specifically by her knowledge of technology or craft, or the given specifics of it, but rather leaves an open space for the possibility of experiment. Thus, her work encompasses a vast field of applied ceramics, sculptures, installations in interiors and exteriors and various techniques – from clay pit, smoked clay, raku, saggar techiques or electric kiln.

For her first solo show in Split Ivana Petan is preparing installation in our small exhibition venue, as well as in the museum’s atrium. Created objects were primarily inspired by the form of a noble pen shell, an exceptional shell that filters the sea and is in danger of becoming extinct. But, the author further connects her work with the specific space of the Museum of Fine Arts and transforms the lawn in the museum’s atrium into strong link with the nature as the source of life.