The exhibition of students' art interventions in the Museum of Fine Arts' collection display is the result of a new collaborative project titled Disassemble, Assemble, Reassemble initiated between the Museum of Fine Arts, the Painting Department of the Arts Academy in Split and the Art History Department of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split.

The first module in which the students worked with mentors and produced their first site-specific interventions has started in 2022 and will have its final exhibition presentation on 27 January 2023, during Night of the Museums. It is focused on the research and reinterpretation of part of the Museum of Fine Arts’ collection displaying artworks created in the period from the 14th c. through to the 1950s. The students of the Arts Academy were free to choose and react to individual works on display, using them as an incentive for the production of their own works, and the entire process was accompanied by art history students with their interpretive texts. With such interventions, the very display of the collection acquired a completely new dynamic quality and revealed to the audience new possibilities of reading and understanding art, separate from the defined framework of the context of their creation and the conventional museum presentation, at the same time providing the students with the unique opportunity for creative learning different from the usual educational formats.

Project participants:

Students of the Painting Department of the Arts Academy in Split: Marija Bebić, Mihael Frančić, Anna Perlain, Marija Petrović

Students of the Art History Department of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split: Ljubica Bilić, Lea Fabijan, Matea Krivić, Antonia Mihovilović, Mia Miošić, Blaženka Miše, Marija Pocrnjić, Željka Vuko

Author of the project concept is Jasminka Babić, director of the Museum of Fine Arts and project managers are Full Professor (T) Viktor Popović and Assistant Professor Neli Ružić (Arts Academy), Associate Professor Dalibor Prančević, PhD (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).